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Snowman Candy Bar Wrappers

Snowman candy barHi Everyone! Another craft fair item..wrapped Hershey candy bars. This is a printable template from Laurie Furnell - search for her - she's got lots of cute inspirations!

I used regular sized candy bars! Whisper White card stock is so smooth and high quality the wrappers come out sharp each time!

You can purchase the soft fleese material anywhere and sew a tube to size. OR you can be like me and look for childrens mittens! The elastic cuff stays around the top of th bar. Cut off the mitten top and fray the fringe. You can either tie a ribbon for the scarf or discect the mitten top for the scarf too!



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Eileen mcClean

Love these, I did google Laurie Furnell but could not find the wrappers or a place to email her, can you send me her info as I would like to buy the template from her. Thank you
I am in Canada


I went to the website and it's telling me the item no longer available. Is there anyway you can email me the printable template/picture PLEASE. my email is in my info

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